Caribbean English and Culture

for Interpreters and Translators

The University of the West Indies (UWI)

Cave Hill Campus - Barbados

Monday 9 to Friday 20 January, 2023


Are you an interpreter or a translator? Are you longing for a cultural journey?

Here is a unique course waiting for you in an exceptional environment!

  • Tailor-made by colleagues of yours, Jihane Sfeir (Interpreter, AIIC member) and Sandra Hamilton (Interpreter, AIIC member as well as translator and TIA Immediate Past President)  
  • Designed through a quality partnership with the Barbados University of the West Indies (UWI) and its Centre for English Language Learning (CELL)
  • Featuring captivating presentations given by passionate, high-calibre faculty members of the UWI in Barbados
  • Exposure to Caribbean English accents and cultures
  • Terminology workshops with members of the Translators' and Interpreters' Association of Jamaica
  • Total immersion in Caribbean culture through cultural tours and activities.

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  • Experiencing the diversity of the English-speaking kaleidoscope across the Caribbean region
  • Broadening your exposure to different English acccents to make precis-writing easier
  • Discovering Caribbean culture and history as perceived by Caribbean people
  • Becoming an even better interpreter of Caribbean speakers by understanding their background
  • Familiarizing yourself with the subtleties of Caribbean English accents, expressions and linguistic styles.

It is more than all work and no play: you'll enjoy sunny breaks which you won't have to organize thanks to Ocean Inspiration’s free assistance for:
• Accommodation booking
• Additional, optional sightseeing activities
• Visa information
• Picking the best addresses
 ...or just relaxing


« I must say that two months after the course I find myself enjoying my work more - yes, speakers still use non-standard English, but now I understand where they come from, I do not get upset - just go with the flow. » (Tiiu S., March 2019)

« To learn something new is always gratifying in our profession, whether at conferences or during a training session. The two-week AIIC-promoted course for interpreters, « English in the Caribbean » held  in Barbados from 7 to 18 January 2019, far exceeded this goal !» (Sylvie Nosserau, February 2019)

"Fantastic ! This is more than just linguistic and cultural work that you are doing. It is also historical and political, as it highlights a  narrative that mainstream world history has long ignored, or has kept as a sub-text, at best. The Caribbean is as important to geopolitics  and global economic thought today as it was during the reign of sugar, tobacco and other commodities that dominated the economic scene from the 16th to the 19th centuries" (Althea Byll-Cataria, September 2022)

«The whole experience exceeded my expectations by far. What an exquisite combination of leisure and learning !» (Sara C., January 2023)




« If you are looking for a most enjoyable deep dive into Caribbean culture, history and language with enthusiastic, dedicated, professional and warm-hearted people, this is the place to go!!! » (Elke, Freelance interpreter, January 2020)