Sylvie - France

Sylvie 300 00Staff interpreter - Special Tribunal for Lebanon - The Hague - French booth

To learn some thing new is always gratifying in our profession, whether at conferences or during a training session. The two-week AIIC-promoted course for interpreters, English in the Caribbean held from 7 to 18 January 2019 far exceeded that goal!
The fact that it took place in beautiful Barbados was an obvious asset from the start and, yes, participants enjoyed the beach and gorgeous sunsets after class, as well as excursions during the weekend...
But the top quality lectures on a wide variety of topics, served by brilliant speakers, most of them professors at the University of the West Indies (UWI), was definitely the greatest strength of this course.
Lecturers presented information from a Caribbean angle which was thoroughly researched, very rich in content and thought-provoking.There
was also a linguistic component with a focus on accents, which no doubt is useful in our professional practice. We were also given access to written material on an eLearning module, with a forum on which to raise additional questions.
I am convinced that this additional knowledge will contribute to helping us better understand the dynamics at play at many of the conferences we serve as interpreters.

January 19, 2019

Guillermo - Hungary

Guillermo 300 300

Staff interpreter - United Nations office in Geneva - Spanish booth

The experience was very positive: the tuition was excellent, the side events were extremely interesting...and staying in Barbados was the icing on the cake! Not only did the course exceed my learning expectations, but also the overall experience on the island was far more enriching than anything I could hope for.Finally, my wife and two children came with me, so while I was busy improving my professional skills, they made the most of their time improving their wellbeing on the beach: swimming, fishing, playing... and gathering wonderful memories for the rest of their lives!



February 23, 2019

Claire - France

Claire (fleur)Free-lance interpreter - French booth

En tant qu’interprète de conférence, je suis toujours curieuse d’élargir mes horizons culturels et d’approfondir mes connaissances linguistiques. C’est ce qui m’a poussée à m’inscrire au cours English in the Caribbean. Avec des sujets variés et très interessants, des intervenants de grande qualité, une excellente ambiance, le cours a largement été à la hauteur de mes attentes. Sans compter bien sûr le charme tropical de la Barbade, et la gentillesse des Bajans. J’en retire un réel enrichissement,  personnel et professionnel. La région Caribéenne et la Barbade méritent vraiment d’être connus, au-delà de la magnifique carte postale.

19 février 2019

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