Jihane Sfeir
Jihane SfeirOcean Inspiration Founder and Manager, Conference Interpreter

I came to Switzerland after growing up in the microcosm of the war zone that was Lebanon. My adoptive country was the ideal place to cultivate my two great passions, foreign languages and travelling, thanks to my work as a freelance conference interpreter for the United Nations. I was then able to constantly push the boundaries of my life and actively seek “Difference” with a capital D and meet “Others” through their language and culture. 2017 was the year when I finally gave in to a strong urge to reinvent my life: for four years in a row, I split my time between Geneva, where my adult life is solidly entrenched, and the lovely island of Barbados, where life among the local folks gradually allowed me to rediscover my true self.

The ties I created with Barbados over my various visits enabled me to know and love the island as no tourist would. In 2018, I founded Ocean Inspiration Ltd so that my friends in Barbados and I could organize themed stays that would go far beyond a picture-perfect vacation spent on sunny beaches under the coconut trees (obviously reason enough to go there). My very first project, “English in the Caribbean for Interpreters”, was a genuine success and confirmed that I was really onto something, so I kept going on until the Covid-19 pandemic forced me to put my projects on hold and cut back on trips between Geneva and Barbados.

The true purpose of travelling, as I see it, is to seek people that are different from ourselves. In addition, it helps us become less prejudiced and makes the world a more tolerant place.

What I want to do today is introduce you to what I love the most in Barbados so that your journey turns into a genuine human and cultural discovery.

The years I’ve spent canvassing the whole world, my multilinguism and my roots in different cultures will make me all the more attuned to your expectations and wishes, with the help of partners on the island.

Stacy Denny
Stacy DennyAcademic Coordinator

Throughout her career, Dr Stacy Denny has unfailingly worked toward bringing cultures closer together beyond the language barrier.

Dr Denny’s superior qualifications in Applied Linguistics and Education make her an outstanding ESL (English as a Second Language) Academic Coordinator at the University of the West Indies in Barbados (UWI), Cave Hill Campus. She graduated from Cambridge University with a Master’s Degree in Applied Linguistics, and is also a Doctor of Education (Education – TEFL, University of Exeter, U.K). She has researched the teaching field extensively and analysed teachers’ attitudes towards dialects, excellence in teaching, linguistics policies, and ESL learning and teaching. Those findings have been instrumental in the creation of special programmes designed for non-native English-speakers wishing to improve their English, methodologies for teaching English to foreigners, teacher-training curricula for ESL teachers, etc.

Dr Denny believes that a language-learning programme can only motivate students and yield real results when taught as part of a pleasant stay. In addition to language classes, her teaching curriculum includes activities that allow students to interact with her fellow Bajans* and take pleasure in improving their English via exchanges and discoveries.

The last thing this passionate and enthusiastic academic wants to see is a silent classroom where students concentrate on their textbooks and never look up. She views interaction, spontaneity, variety, creativity and hands-on experience as key ingredients for success.

A true Bajan*, she loves her island with all her heart and makes a point of treating her students as special guests.

*Note: Bajan (pr. bay-djun): noun or adjective, derived from “Barbadian”.

Sandra Hamilton
Sandra HamiltonTranslator and interpreter, in charge of Terminology

Between Europe and the Caribbean

Sandra graduated from the University of Geneva as a Master of Advanced Studies (MAS) in Conference Interpretation Teaching. After working as a Conference interpreter in Geneva for almost 20 years, she settled back in Jamaica, her native country. She currently teaches part-time in two departments at the University of the West Indies (UWI), Mona Campus (Jamaica): Linguistics, and Modern Languages. As a seasoned translator and interpreter, she naturally is a member of two relevant professional associations: the International Association of Conference Interpreters (AIIC), and the Translators’ and Interpreters’ Association of Jamaica (TIA), the latter of which she even chaired between 2017 and 2021. 
Sandra’s credentials made her a natural choice when it came to injecting a dose of terminology to Ocean Inspiration’s courses. Her passion for languages, travel, discovery and new cultures is infectious, and her lively involvement adds a Jamaican twist to the courses’ Caribbean flavour.

Klebere & Zuwena
Klebere & ZuwenaTourLife Barbados

Time spent with TourLife Barbados isn’t just sightseeing. It’s a boutique tour experience, where exploration is more than a way of life, "Issa Vibe." 

We’re Klebere and Zuwena, experts in crafting our history, culture, cuisine, language, and people into unforgettable memories of our island home, Barbados. Our aim is to make sure you will feel energized and cheerful long after you leave our island.

Each tour is designed with you in mind and is hosted by an experienced Bajan tourguide, where we pride ourselves on sharing the storytelling nature of the Barbadian people to deliver accurate and engaging history. Our tours are truly the best way to meet the locals!

Come! Be a part of the TourLife Barbados Family-Issa Vibe!

Our secret recipe: Enthusiasm – Local partners – Local culture